See below our most Frequently Asqued Questions

Yes. It's 100% free to you. You do NOT have to make any payment at all.

By installing our extension and creating a free account, you allow us to place advertising banners on multiple websites that you visit. Those advertisers give us money to show their banners. We give part of it to charities we want to support

No. You can only install our extension on your computers (desktop, laptops). It will not work on mobile phone or iPad...

For this to work, you must add the list of websites on which our banners are displayed in the whitelist of your ad blocker.

It depends on various factors. To make it work with most of advertisers and charities, we chose to use multiple options. For example, at first, we will give money for each person who creates an account with Oui Ad Good and use our Browser Extension. This will allow us to make sure we can help a chairty even if we don't have a lot of advertisers. We also give the option to the advertiser to make a donation to the charity directly and to pay us a small fee. Finally, if the advertiser pays us direcly, we give away 30% of our revenue

Most companies give away 1% to 10%. As a Social Enterprise, we still need to pay for salaries, advertising, office rent, taxes... We're hoping that this amount will allow us to be profitable and sustainable so we can keep doing good for years to come.

You do NOT have to create an account but by doing so you will have access to more features. Soon you will be able to choose the charity you want to help, track the number of donations you've made and more...

Just contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of our website or type http://eepurl.com/dLrs8Y

Just contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of our website or type http://eepurl.com/bAAstn