Choose how much percentage of the budget should be attributed to each project



We use your ad account so you always have access.



You choose what project you want to fund.



We do NOT increase our Fees so we can make the donations. This service is totally free to you.

What we do
Upper Funnel
Brand Awareness Campaigns

Display your ads on a bigger screen

CTV Advertising reaches audiences through streaming services on Connected TVs, combining the impact of traditional TV with digital's precision

  • Target specific demographics with precision
  • Measure ad performance in real-time
  • Offer interactive ad experiences
  • Non-Skippable Ads

Ultra Targeted Audiences

Leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok... and their ultra-targeted audiences to build brand awareness

  • Wide reach across global platforms
  • Precise targeting based on interests and behaviors
  • Engage users with creative content
  • Analyze detailed performance metrics

Advertise with Premium Publishers

Drive high-quality attention when users read articles on their favotite websites

  • Omnichannel
  • Brand Safety
  • Cookieless Technology
  • Cost Per Completed View

Advertise on Billboards, Bus Shelters...

Leverages digital screens in public spaces to deliver dynamic, targeted ads to audiences on the go

  • Engage viewers in high-traffic locations
  • Offer flexible, real-time content updates
  • Target audiences based on location and time
  • Measure impact through advanced analytics

Asked Questions

That is correct. We do not charge you anything on top of the usual agency fees and we use those fees to donate money to fund social and environmental projects.

We do. Oui Do Good partners with NooS, a platform that allows us to donate part of our revenue to fully vetted social and environmental projects.

We will create a dedicated landing page available on our website for each of our advertisers. The landing page will mention that the donation was made possible thanks to the Advertiser. It will have the advertiser's logo as well as the description of the projects funded.

We will then reduce our fees by 10% so you can make the donation yourself.

Yes you can. You would just need to let us know what percentage of the media you would like to set aside for the donation.

Yes we will. Transparency and ownership are very important to us. So the campaigns will be managed from your Ad Account. You will be able to see the media and all the usual stats.
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